Our Projects 作品案例

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學


25 Spots

Some spots are not shown in this showcase


Floating logo of CUHK

Floor Plan

Floor plans with pins

Multi Levels

2 levels

Jockey Club “age at home” Canada Exhibition 賽馬會「a家」加拿大館


10 Spots


Floating logo of “Canada”

Information Board

Tour and product introduction including text, images, video, PDF links and speech


Speech inside information board

Pacific Place Apartments 太古廣場栢舍

15 Spots

AR Greetings

Real person standing in the first view


Multi-language introduction

Multi Language

English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

Floating Text

Introduction of facilities

Floor Plan

Floor plan with dots and radars

NEO 綠景

67 Spots

Floor Plan

Floor plans with dots and radars

Google Map

Google Map showing location of the property

Multi Levels

4 floors with shortcuts

Information Board

Popup information


Logos with layout design